Thursday, 17 September 2015


Awakening by K.K. Gould

Sparks fly when Jace Waylen finds Adara Helios, the woman who broke his heart, locked in the cell of a dungeon.
Liza and Brax have completed their Mate Bond. She feels like she can start moving forward with her life. She decides to reconnect with Jonah, her stepfather, but destiny has other plans for the Immortal Savior. Jace and Jonah need her help, but she must learn to accept and control the new abilities awakening within her.
Kallai is the tyrant in charge of Adara's former village. He has become more unstable than anyone realizes. With the help of Jace and Liza, a mission is underway to unseat Kallai and restore peace between Jonah's pack and the Phoenix clans of the East Coast.

This is turning out to be a wonderfully interwoven tale.  I love following the many threads of the different people as they each find themselves yet are balanced to work together fighting a greater evil. In this book Jace and Adara work out their differences and Liza and Brax begin to come to terms with the powers that are awakening within Liza.  I am so looking forward to how this tale continues to unfold in the next one.

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