Thursday, 8 October 2015

Bear Marked

Bear Marked by Eve Hunter

This is the second of the Bear Force novels from Eve Hunter.  It focuses on Romer Sachs-Severin, who has returned from a mission with a wounded and damaged inner bear.  Worse still he is missing chunks of this memory. At his brothers wedding he is confronted with a woman whom his bear insists is his mate.
Jessa Wickstead has only returned to New Zealand to be her best friends Maid of Honor. Attracted to Romer, she is shocked to find out that he is the man she fell for in China and devastated to realise that he has no memory of her.The two of them must work to trust each other and reassemble the missing pieces to have a future together.
Well written with likeable characters, this story is best read as a sequel to Bear Trapped. However despite that it is a standalone book and comes complete with a HEA.

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