Monday, 3 August 2015

La Patron Series

The first three books in Sydney Addae's La Patron series were on special offer so I just could not resist grabbing them and reading.


When you’re the top wolf on the continent with the backing of the Goddess, how does an enemy topple your kingdom? By challenging you to a fight?  No. By changing the rules.  After three hundred years of fighting and service to the Goddess, Silas Knight is the Patron, Alpha to the Alphas on the North American continent. As the top wolf, he fears little and has seen most things. But when he discovers someone or something has been quietly disturbing the natural order of things, he’s surprised. Certain human women have the ability to birth fully functioning wolves, and that’s a major problem.  Jasmine Bennett has no idea her deceased husband was a wolf shifter or that her twin sons are shifters. Her life changes when she rushes to her son’s bedside after he’s wounded in Afghanistan and returned stateside. Now her life’s in danger because of her ability to give birth to a breed of beings she never knew existed.

This was a brilliant start to a new series.  There were strong characters, and interesting plot with a novel twist on the Alpha and his abilities.  I loved the spunky heroine and disliked the hero’s attitude but it all added to the story.  With some of the characters being similarly named it was confusing identifying who was who at times but beyond that it was a well-written story. 

This had been the first time I had read anything by Sydney Addae and I really enjoyed my first visit to La Patron's world.


After sending out a mating call which Silas answered, Jasmine’s pregnant and depressed. Her life has spiraled out of control. Silas is angry that his first “litter of pups” are half breeds. A group of human breeders offer her a chance to leave Silas, offering a strange brand of protection. When a human breeder enters the compound using a weapon the wolves are helpess against, Silas and Jasmine understand the true meaning of Birth Control.

This, the second book in La Patron’s story and it is better than the first.  Whilst I disliked Silas’s attitude in the first novel, as he struggles to realise just what Jasmine means to him, we also come to realise his motives and drive and in doing so, come to like him.  The background plot continues to develop allowing some of the lesser characters to have greater depth and adding to the overall enjoyment of the story.


Silas and Jasmine learn they are being targeted for destruction. Their enemies are desperate to stop Silas before he finds them. With the backing of the Goddess, a nation of wolves, two bad ass step-sons, and a mate who has his back, Silas is fast on their trail. To slow him down, an onslaught of problems are unleashed, one right after the other barely giving him room to breathe before the next catastrophe hits. But as the Goddess’ top Wolf, Silas rises to the challenge in this fast paced tale, proving he is LaPatron, the Alpha’s Alpha.

As the dangers mount, Silas and Jasmine bond closer together to protect their family.  This continues to be a fast paced tale, with a well-written interesting plot.  You are dragged into La Patron’s world and want to know how they tackle their common enemy.

I now just have to read the last three books in the series which I have just purchased.  They are loaded on the reader ready to go.

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