Friday, 21 August 2015

Treasure Lane Dragons

Treasure Lane Dragons by Anya Nowlan

I reviewed the first of the Treasure Lane Dragons series last month and loved the strong confident characters that Anya created. These are the next two books in the series, both are easy reads and not overly long. I read each of them in an afternoon.

Billionaire Dragon's Mate

Cillian Greenmeadow is a fixer, the guy who makes problems disappear in a puff of smoke. Confident, charming and a real bad boy at heart, right down to the tattoos, everything seems to come easy to the Alpha dragon. Only when he meets a sexy, stubborn Italian mob princess does Cillian feel that he might have found a problem he just can't fix. Worse yet, he may not want to. Wouldn't getting in trouble with her be a lot more fun?
Ruby Accardo's done everything right all her life. Now, she's committed to doing everything wrong and it doesn't take too long until it catches up with her. When a particular dragon shows up to get her out of her bind, all bets are off. Stuck between an offer she can't refuse and a werewolf biker that won't take no for an answer, Ruby needs to decide between being good and being bad far faster than she'd intended to.
But if the right choice includes a hard, devilish billionaire dragon, maybe it won't be so bad?
Add in a foe with a grudge and a marriage that just has to happen and you're left with a lot of fire and no one to put it out...
Ruby tired of being told who to be, finally rebels only to find herself in need of rescuing. Enter Cillian, a dragon with a problem, he has to work to bolster his dwindling gold reserves. this job he is sent to find a runaway mob daughter, except, when he finds her he sees that she is the treasure he has been missing.
I really enjoyed  the story, liking both the main characters. Cillian, we were briefly introduced to in the last book, The Billionaire Bride, but it is in this tale that we get to know him. He is strong and caring, worried about his responsibilities and how the Greenmedow dragons would be viewed by the others if they found out about the lack of gold in their hold. he is so busy fixing others problems that he does not see that his own could do with fixing too.
Ruby came across as quite a spoilt brat to start with, she ran away because she did not want her family dictating what she could do, however her decision to run with the bad boys of Red Alpha pack, leads to more trouble. She might have been spoilt, but has a brain and quickly decides to try and extract herself from the predicament and this strength and intelligence is what give her character interest.
As with the other tales in the series, they are stand alone books complete with happy ending.  There is though, a background plot of where some of the Dragons problems are coming from. Whilst you could enjoy each book on its own, having this piece of interest in the background makes me want to read the last in the series to know who really is behind the problems and why!

Billionaire Dragons Fated

This final of the trilogy, unites the Goldplains twins, Alexander and Apollo with their mate Jade. The twins were introduced in the first of the books as the healing dragons, but it is in this tale that you find out how they earn their wealth, as rock stars. Whilst Apollo is the classic rock star living it wild, Alexander saves himself for his one true love. It is not until Jade auditions for the roll of their bassist that both dragons sit up and take notice.
The tale is easy flowing with well developed characters. The plot follows similar lines to the previous tales, so in that respect it is very predictable. There was the hint of a subplot in the first two books, with where dissension was coming from, and I felt that this could have been expanded on thus linking the tales better together. Instead the trouble came from an entirely different source. But despite that I enjoyed the story and would recommend it to those who enjoy Dragon shifters. As each of the stories are standalone, they could be read in any order though there is a bit of timeline with respect to the other dragons but it wouldn't significantly spoil the enjoyment of the tales if you did.

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