Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Just Bears

Just Bears

A paranormal collection from Simply Shifters

1 The Bear In Me – Amy Star 
When curvy Emily met hunky bear shifter Sam in Alaska it seemed perfect. However, Emily's scent is familiar to Sam and he knows she is hiding a secret....
2 Bear In The City – Amira Rain 
Werebear Blake does not find it easy to be a bear in the city and keep his secret from everyone. However, when he catches the scent of curvy Bree he has to have her but he also knows his secret is going to come out too...
3 The PlayBear Billionaire – Maria Amor 
Billionaire Bear Shifter Alexander is often known as being untameable and forever a playbear. However, when he meets curvy Daphne everything changes, has the bear finally met his mate?
4 The Bear's Mate – Rosa Foxxe 
When Nicki Bryant looks at the wrong file at work she discovers a secret world she never knew existed. Now a handsome stranger named Max is willing to reveal all...
5 Taken By The Bears – JJ Jones 
Curvy Juliette finds herself taken from her bed in the middle of the night by 3 mysterious men. She thinks they want to kill her but really they want to mate her...
6 The Bears Baby – Jade White 
When Ursula visits a sperm bank in order to get pregnant she has no idea what she is in for. She is not just carrying a baby, she is carrying “the bears baby”...
7 The Bears Shared Bride – Amy Star 
Lavinia King is set to become the queen of her bear tribe. Only thing is, in this tribe there is 1 queen but 2 kings. Can she really please 2 alpha bears?
8 Her Bear In Mind – Maria Amor 
Investigative reporter Sierra has her suspicions about Joe Basnight. However, when she looks into him she discovers a secret more shocking then she expected. Now he knows that she knows, what will happen next?
9 The Bears Princess – Ellie Valentina 
Princess Aurelia is slated to marry a Prince that she does not love, so she runs. Now with her people coming after her she has found comfort in the shape of 2 werebears named Afonso and Nico who plan to do more then just protect her...
10 Sold To The Bears – Amira Rain 
Curvy Lila is about to be sold due to the fact she is one of the few remaining fertile women left on the planet. The men she is going to be sold to are bear shifters Adrian and Grant and they want to use her as their personal sex toy…

This is a collection of ten paranormal shifter books focusing on bear shifters as the primary characters.  They are all standalone books though some also form parts of series and some of the books have been published before as individual books. The collection is for 18+ readers as the writing is explicit and in some cases feature menage not just M/F interaction. I have read some of the authors before and find their work to be easy flowing and enjoyable. As a collection it is great value for money especially if you like your shifter big and furry.

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