Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Love Beyond Sanity by Rececca Royce

The Outsiders : Book 2

Eighteen years earlier, Charma lost her destined soul mate. Convinced he must be dead, she's kept her fears to herself so as not to destroy the morale of the Outsiders who already live with a shaky prophecy as their only guide.
Dr. Jason Randall is a man used to getting what he wants. There has never been a problem he couldn't out-think or a situation he wasn't capable of handling, until his life changes in ways he could never imagine.
Now they are being hunted by not one but two demons while they strive to lead the slowly growing group of Outsiders out of the darkness and back into the light. The two strong souls will have to decide if prophecy alone is enough reason to stay together through insane odds--or if love is their true fate.

The continuation of the Outsider saga.  This book focuses on another two of the Outsider group whilst continuing the progression of the plot to balance good and evil.  I enjoyed each book as it is a complete story of the two main characters whilst still including those from the previous book.  Despite each book being a tale focused on primarily two characters, the background to the main plot is explained in this book so it would allow the reader to understand most of what is going on if they had not read book one first.  However for the best enjoyment I would recommend reading book one first (Love Beyond Time).

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