Thursday, 16 July 2015

Shifting Ground

Shifting Ground by Tabitha Conall

A new BBW shifter romance in the White Fir Bend Cult series from New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author Tabitha Conall...
Army Ranger and bear shifter Tiger Kane got kicked out of the cult he grew up in when he was fifteen. Now he's back to rescue his estranged mom from the clutches of the cult leader.
BBW Dr. Piper Holmes thought she was going to be studying dropping fertility rates in a rural shifter town. If she'd known she'd be trapped in a cult compound where grown men married twelve-year-olds and grown women wore bruises, she never would have agreed.
Thrown together, Kane and Piper work to help two women escape the cult. But other forces are at work, and Kane and Piper don't know who they can trust.
They're not even sure they can trust each other.

Book two in the series by Tabitha, gave an easy flowing story where the principle characters met trying to help different people. I liked it as there was not an immediate attraction unlike so many of the shifter tales where the pairing is instantaneous. The cult setting for the plot although a difficult topic, gave a different feel to the book though this may not appeal to some, I appreciated the different slant. Overall, an enjoyable story.

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